Cambridge International Scholarships 2022


Scholarship applications for the University of Cambridge Newnham College International Students Scholarships are currently being accepted from adequately qualified postgraduate students who are interested in enrolling in a program at the University of Cambridge for the academic session 2022 – 2023.

Students who are going to enroll in an M.Phil. or Ph.D. program at Newnham are eligible to receive scholarships on an annual basis. The whole amount of these scholarships is typically provided by a combination of financing from a variety of sources, including the Cambridge Trust and the cash provided by the faculty.

Cambridge Trust and Faculty funds are the benefactors of this scholarship.

Host Institution(s): The University of Cambridge, located in Cambridge, United Kingdom

Scholarship Award Amount: Up to 1,500 Pounds

The number of awards has been quite a few.

Research Degrees: M.Phil. or Ph.D.

Students of Foreign Nations or Nationalities

DESCRIPTIONS | International Scholarships Offered by the University of Cambridge
Candidates with a strong intellectual potential can apply for one of several scholarships that the University of Cambridge Newnham College offers through the following scholarship program:

Scholarship in Honor of Anna Watkins
Scholarship in Honor of Allan Ferguson and Nesta Ferguson
Studentships at Cambridge University in Australia
Studentship in Honor of Dorothy Whitelock
Scholarship in Honor of Hilda Richardson
Laing Scholarship for Graduate Study in Developing Countries
Studentship in Honor of Margaret Anstee
Mary Scholarship awarded by the Anne Ewart
Scholarship in Honor of Mary Rogers
Scholarship in Honor of Menca de Leoni
Scholarship for the Muir Woods
Scholarship in Honor of Rhoda M. Dorsey
The Criteria for Eligibility
It is expected of candidates that they will meet all of the standards listed below in order to be eligible for University of Cambridge International Student Scholarships:

Applicants are required to be students from other countries.
Applicants have to be enrolled in a program that requires them to devote their full time, and they have to be on the verge of registering for a Ph.D. or an M.Phil.
Applicants are required to hold a bachelor’s degree in a field relevant to the position.
Applicants are required to provide evidence of their ability to communicate in English.
Students who list Newnham College either as their first or second preference in the college admissions process will receive priority consideration.

Procedures for Making Applications

Instructions for Applying The University Postgraduate Admissions Office is in charge of handling applications for the vast majority of postgraduate programs.

Students who wish to be considered for Newnham scholarships must specify on the application form for postgraduate admissions that they also wish to be considered for Cambridge scholarships. This is a requirement for students who wish to receive Newnham scholarships.

The deadline for applications is July 31, 2022.