JUST IN: PRP withdraws from Osun . government elections

Barely 48 hours before Osun’s governorship elections, the Peoples Redemption Party withdrew from the race. The party’s National Executive Committee explained that the decision was made after the impact of the flag bearer’s lack of political activity. The party’s NEC accused its nominee for governor of Osun, Ayowole Adedeji, of having stayed out of the country since becoming the party’s nominee for governor, only traveling back to the country two weeks before the election. A statement on Thursday from the party’s national secretary, Babatunde Alli, said a commission had been set up to investigate the governor’s candidate, including asking for funds for his campaign without holding it. It read: “The National Executive Committee of our major party, the PRP, has noted with deep concern and disappointment the negative effects of apparent inactivity of the party’s governor-candidate in Osun State, MR. Ayowole Adedeji, both on the party structures in Osun state and at the national level. “The National Executive Committee has therefore considered all options and hereby leads the PRP’s withdrawal from the Osun state governor election of July 16, 2022. Party governor candidate for the following: “Residence abroad since emerging governor candidate from the party until just two (2) weeks before the election, allowing the party to avoid all campaigning and awareness-raising efforts; “Supposed fund-raising activities abroad with no corresponding campaigns on behalf of the party at the state level. In particular, the party considers this claim very weighty and demeaning to the PRP; and “An alleged attempt to fraudulently exchange the party for personal monetary gain, embarrassing the party and dragging its good name and principles into the mud.”