Mastercard Foundation AfOx Oxford Scholarships 2023


As a result of the innovative and forward-thinking partnership that the University of Oxford and the Mastercard Foundation have established through the Mastercard Foundation Scholars Program and the Africa Oxford Initiative (AfOx), the Mastercard Foundation AfOx Scholarships are now accepting applications from suitably qualified applicants from African nations for the 2023 academic session. These scholarships will allow the recipients to pursue their education at the University of Oxford.

The Partnership is going to give 400 young African scholars the opportunity to pursue taught Master’s degrees in programs linked to pandemic preparedness and recovery at the University of Oxford. These programs will be completely supported by the Partnership.

The Mastercard Foundation and the Africa Oxford Initiative are the benefactors of this scholarship.

Type of Scholarship: Funding Provided in Full

Host Institution(s): The University of Oxford, located in Oxford, United Kingdom

The value of the scholarship is not disclosed.

400 awards were given out in total.

Study Level: Postgraduate (Masters)

People of African nationality

AfOx Scholarships from the Mastercard Foundation for 2023 and 2024 | DETAILS
The Mastercard Foundation AfOx Scholarship program provides financial assistance to promising young Africans who are rooted in their communities and have an international perspective in order to enable them to pursue graduate studies at the University of Oxford. The Mastercard Foundation AfOx Scholarship program is founded on the principles of collegiality, empathy, dedication, inclusivity, and community that are shared by both the Mastercard Foundation and AfOx. The Scholarship is a component of the larger AfOx Graduate Scholars Program, which has the overarching goal of assisting African students in gaining access to opportunities at Oxford and thriving both during their stay at the University and after they have graduated.

Following the successful completion of their Master’s Program, Scholars will be provided with the resources necessary to secure a four to six month placement with a reputable African-based organization for the Ubuntu Period of Service. The scholars will receive mentoring from top academics and practitioners living in Africa, which will enable them to establish pathways to developing effective careers in Africa. The scholars will work on initiatives in Africa.

The Criteria for Eligibility
Applicants must demonstrate that they satisfy each of the following requirements in order to be considered for the Mastercard Foundation AfOx Scholarships 2023:

You must be a student from Africa with an interest in pursuing master’s level studies at the University of Oxford during the academic session beginning in 2023.
All applicants are required to hold a relevant bachelor’s degree, which must have been earned from a respectable educational institution.
All applicants are required to provide evidence of their superior academic and research talents.
Rewards for Scholarship Attendance
Full tuition fees
Living expenditures
Assistance with logistics, including economy return flight, visa.
Fees associated with the Immigration Health Surcharge
The allowance for settling down
The Thrive Fund for unexpected events
Likewise, here is a Check: Scholarship Program for African Students Offered by the Mastercard Foundation and the University of the Free State (Fully-funded)

Procedures for Making Applications
Instructions for Applying: Individuals who are interested in applying for the Mastercard Foundation AfOx Scholarships 2023 must first submit an application to the University of Oxford through the graduate admissions portal by the application deadline for their chosen course of study and indicate that they wish to apply for AfOx funding. The application must be submitted by the deadline for the course of study.

The application deadline has not been determined.