International Visitors Support Scheme 2023 (Fully-funded)


For the University of Sheffield Sanctuary International Visitors Support Scheme, we are now accepting applications from students who are both interested and eligible to apply.

The Sanctuary International Visitors Support Scheme was founded in order to provide assistance to international students and academics who were forced to flee their country of origin owing to the threat of persecution or violence.

Sponsor(s) of this Scholarship: the University of Sheffield in the United Kingdom

Host Institution(s): The University of Sheffield, located in Sheffield, United Kingdom

Full funding will be provided for the scholarship.

The number of awards has been quite a few.

Masters and doctoral degrees are available.

Students of Foreign Nations or Nationalities

INFORMATION | Sheffield Sanctuary International Support Scheme [DETAILS]

The professors can get support from the University of Sheffield to continue their research in Sheffield for a maximum of one year if they accept the university’s offer.

Visiting Researcher status at the University of Sheffield, with a focus on conducting research within a host department
You will be paired with a more experienced student as a mentor.
You will be provided with a primary point of contact who will assist you with the more logistical parts of your visit.
Access to the lending, services, and electronic resources offered by the library
Access to a variety of additional university services, including a confidential counseling helpline, the English Language Teaching Center, and associate computer accounts, amongst others

The Criteria for Eligibility

Applicants are expected to achieve the following requirements in order to qualify for the University of Sheffield Sanctuary International Visitors Support Scheme:

You must be a scholar who was forced to flee your home country as a result of war, political unrest, or religious persecution.
You must be able to obtain a United Kingdom visa under one of the visa schemes offered by Ukraine, or another type of United Kingdom visa, if applicable, in the case of any other nationality.
Your proposed field of study needs to be compatible with fields of study already being conducted at the University of Sheffield. The departments that make up our academic organization are listed below.
It is anticipated of applicants that they would continue working at their home institution and will return to their home country to continue their research when it is deemed acceptable and safe to do so.

Rewards for Scholarship Attendance

Applicants who are successful in obtaining funding through the University of Sheffield Sanctuary International Visitors Support Scheme will get all of the following:

Expenses for living away from home up to £17,350 per year (pro-rata)
Additional payment of £5,000 per year, calculated on a pro-rata basis, for each dependent on the employee (up to a maximum of 3 dependents)
Up to £2,500 worth of expenses incurred upon arrival, including travel costs.
As part of the requirements for obtaining a visa to enter Ukraine, applicants are eligible to receive free housing through the Homes for Ukraine Scheme for a period of at least six months. Applicants who are not selected for participation in the Homes for Ukraine program will have assistance available to them in their search for appropriate housing.
Expenses up to £2,500 brought on by the project

Procedures for Making Applications

Instructions for Applying: Those who are interested in applying for the University of Sheffield Sanctuary International Visitors Support Scheme can complete the application form and send it, along with their curriculum vitae, to the email address

The deadline for applications is November 13th, 2023.